Tom Hardy is one of those few really brilliant actors that are not really considered as Hollywood superstar but whenever their name is attached to a movie people go, I have to see it. I am a big fan of Hardy mostly because he never picks up a movie for just money sake. All of the movies that he is being involved with , whether they are big blockbuster movies such as Inception or Mad Max or small independent movies, Hardy chooses his roles wisely and carefully. Now whether all of them work or not, it’s a different subject matter. He is a human being and can make mistakes, but even movies that didn’t work, you can definitely see the potential. The most recent news attaches Tom Hardy to an Al Capone biopic project in a title role and I could not be satisfied more with this decision. The director will be last year’s most notorious Josh Trank, who coming out of one hit and one miss gives me enough confidence to lean my opinion into trusting him, considering the situation he was found in.

Al Capone is a figure and personality that is fascinating to just think about. The stories surrounding his life are so vibrant and interesting, despite being horrific and scary, that you can tell them to different people, from different ages and generations still have the same impact as the man had during his lifetime. Al Capone at times seems to me as a fictional character, bigger than life whom you can like for being a great villain. It is really easy to come up with a villain for a movie by following some formulas, but to create a great one is tougher than creating an image of a hero. Al Capone is a real life great villain and movies about his life will be made from time to time to remind people how predator human spirit can get.

I believe Tom Hardy is a brilliant choice for playing Capone because he always had that raw and wild presence in him. He has played gangster characters before, Legend being the most recent one. He keeps appearing in that kind of role because that’s you first perception of the guy when you first see him. I expect danger. So give him the role of one of the most dangerous men in the recent history of gangster lifestyle and culture and you will get Hardy bring out his best acting capabilities to create the image of the legend.

In regards to decision of Josh Trank to be the director of the movie, I think is a smart move. The guy is brilliant and there is no question about it. If you watch the Chronicles, you will think of him as an experienced professional director when in reality it was his first feature film. Now all the scandals surrounding the making of the Fantastic Four, orchestrated well enough by the most powerful Fox Studio to blame the whole thing onto the young up and coming director is a shitty place to be for your second movie but things can go south. What’s important is that he has found a new project to work on and has a great chance to prove to people who were blaming him in the failure of Fantastic Four, that behind the scenes chaos was not his fault at all.

I am very curious to see what the collaboration between Hardy and Trank will look like, but I know that I believe in both guys.