I don’t remember when was the last time I was this pumped after seeing a trailer of a movie. Maybe it was Star Wars the Force Awakens. The reason this hit me more though is that I had no idea what kind of movie the last Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie was going to be and had no expectations at all when and how the trailer is going to drop. I had heard that it is going to explore darker story lines of older and more jaded Wolverine but what can you expect from the words of people who spread the words about any movie these days in Hollywood. It could be a masterpiece or it could be a piece of garbage like Batman V Superman turned out to be.

Let’s focus on this trailer though, because it is literally a piece of Art. It should serve as a lesson to any filmmaker and film marketer out there who is trying to cut together a trailer by just slapping a popular song on top of it thinking that’s gonna convince people to watch the movie. Nothing is more effective then being really creative and unique and Oh Boy this trailer has it, has it all the way.

First I have to talk about the perfect marriage of the Johnny Cash’s Hurt song and the trailer itself. I mean can you find another trailer in the history of trailers that has its cover song be as descriptive of the character and the story and the feel of the movie as this specific combination did. It is silly to say but this trailer should be nominated for best music clip of the year because even if you don’t know anything about this world and the characters and the movie you will just enjoy watching the different images and the messages they convey without saying many words.

Secondly I adore the indie vibe of this trailer. You probably thought why am I writing about this movie on a website that is about independent film. To my defense Logan trailer is one of the most personal and intimate trailers about a single character that we have gotten for any superhero movie. Usually in superhero movies the world safety is at stake and the hero needs to save the world otherwise the whole world will blow out. Yest it is as blatant as it sounds in that sentence. We see this theme repeating in movies over and over again and it gets really ineffective and tiresome. On the other hand Logan is going to be a movie that is focusing on the inner struggles of this very tired character that happens to have appeared in many situations where he had to save the world and fight against the major threat. But he is never the one who thrives to be the savior and the contrary, he doesn’t give a damn.

In this trailer at stake is this mystical girl who is by Wolverine’s side looking for protection. We don’t know who she is but interaction between the kid and Wolverine feels like will lead to an emotional third act roller coaster. Also the long term relationship between Logan and Professor X is coming to an end. What is that moment going to be like. From the trailer X is looking as tired and helpless as Wolverine does. Something bad has happened that Wolverine is responsible for and it will be explored more in the movie. So I am a bowl of excitement and can’t wait until this movie comes out in March 3rd.

Please comment what you think about the trailer?