Director Larry Charles is bringing to us another of his unique and crazy ideas in a feature film form and this time having in a leading role none the other than Nicholas Cage. His previous movies include The Borat, Bruno and the Dictator, which are all movies that are focusing on a single outrageous character and their bizarre personality and unusual adventures. From these three movies it was The Borat really that put this director on the map and Hollywood studios trusted him with two other movies in the same style. Bruno that came after did well enough critically and financially to span another comedy, which this time became The Dictator. The Dictator didn’t do as well critically as the first two but performed well at the Box Office. So it makes complete sense that we are getting another movie completely specific to the vision of this interesting director.

In all of the aforementioned movies Charles has collaborated with Sacha Baron Cohen, a very talented comedic actor that is very versatile in terms of playing drastically different roles and completely transforming himself into those roles. That is a quality we haven’t seen from Nic Cage and when I first heard about the news of making Army of One with Cage I was surprised how could this collaboration come to terms. But when I saw the first trailer everything made complete sense to me. This is a lightning in the bottle case. Even if Cage is not playing very different from each other characters in his movies, he has always been this kind of a weird guy in a very wonderful way and that’s why everybody loves him.

About the trailer I can say only the best. I laughed and enjoyed watching it all the way through. I hope this movie becomes one of those really surprising out of the left wing movies that really leaves the audiences in awe. I sure can see from the trailer that Army of One could be a really fun, full of heart movie starring my favorite Nic Cage and get him back on the map.

The premise of the movie is as ridiculous and genius as one would guess it to be in this kind of collaboration. It is about a man who travels to Pakistan to hunt down Osama bin Laden, because he was told so by God himself played by Russel Brand. I mean Come On. This is perfect and there is nothing I want to add to this story description. I am going to see this movie when it comes out and will definitely share my thoughts about it when it comes out.