Swiss Army Man is a very bizarre and refreshing movie and is the definition of independent film. Thanks to names like Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, who are big supporters of indie film and never let their ego stand in the way of bringing creative ideas to life, even if they get paid almost nothing for their roles. Without them in this age of Hollywood movies I don’t see any investor that would risk $3 million on a movie that is based around a dead corpse who farts throughout the whole movie. Fortunately the movie has been made and let’s now talk about how it turned out.

While watching the movie I felt many different feelings but never anything negative. One of the main characters Hank played by Dano, who is suicidal at the beginning of the movie finds hope and reason in continuing to live after finding the farting corpse Manny by the coast played brilliantly by Radclidde. From then on these two characters take on a journey to find the girl of Hank’s dreams. Most of the movie they spend in the forest living together and trying to survive thanks to the help of Manny’s supernatural abilities such as acting as a jet ski when farting or acting as a compass through his erection pointing in the right directions. All of this though is happening in the head of Hank. Because of being lonely and hopeless his imagination sees the only way out in this corpse who is there ready to listen to whatever he says and agree with whatever he does.
There are a lot of metaphors in the Swiss Army Man and it is the kind of a movie that can be interpreted differently by different people. Depending what’s your mindset and the place in life at the moment you will pay attention to different aspects of this movie. And I feel like there are many aspects. There is the obvious comedic aspect which comes from so many obscure events that happen in the movie. There is the aspect of human imagination and crazy ideas that we sometimes have in our minds and never tell anybody, but those ideas feel as real to us as the real life. Another important aspect of this movie is feeling of being lost as many young people feel about their lives. The feeling that nobody understands you and there is no point in anything you do. Then there is the aspect of male sexuality and how sexual a creatures men are. And that’s not all. If you see the movie you will notice some other themes and aspects and they might draw you into the story or pull you out of it.
Considering all this, what I liked the most about the movie is that at no point it was trying to force a message into my head and teach me how I should live and feel about my life. Directors and writers Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are so carefully telling the story that is obviously very dear to them and at the same time trying not to be preachy. I respect their decision of telling this story in such a way. The world that they have created as bizarre as it was, made complete sense to me because of how wisely they had written the script, recognizing it’s ridiculousness. One of those wise decisions was that the most of the movie is set in the forest which itself is a metaphor for being lost and is a place where anything could happen.
In conclusion, I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. Maybe it is not a movie to see in the theater but watching on a TV in the comfort of your home should be worthwhile. I personally enjoyed watching it and really started thinking about events in my own life. Maybe it is because of my own sensibilities that this movie resonated with me but for some reason I feel like I am not the only one who will feel this way. So check it out and let me know in the comments below what you think about it.

Here is the trailer for the movie: