Monster Calls is one of those movies that came out of the left wing and surprised everybody. When I was thinking about my most anticipated movies of 2016, Monster Calls was not only missing but I also had not even heard about it. Then the first trailer hit the YouTube couple of months ago and instantly made me intrigued about the wonderful possibilities that this movie could present to movie fans.

As we get closer to the Oscar season, which is almost here, the studio behind this movie starts pushing the film even harder. The movie already has a strong critical response and good word of mouth from people who have seen the movie during film festivals and special screenings. So to just keep that momentum going the marketing team is giving us the first clip from the movie which really sets up the world perfectly for a regular movie goer.

It shows a scene where we see the creation of this giant tree monster, coming out of the ground and approaching the house to get the boy who is going through really tough personal struggles. The monster is the metaphorical representation of that angry side inside all of us that is ready to break stuff tear things apart when life unexpectedly throws challenging obstacles on our way.

Just from the trailer and the clip I feel so much invested into the story of this young boy. The special effects are done beautifully and just the fact that the monster is voiced by Liam Nisson makes me giggle. What a great and creative way to approach a story that is so relatable and timeless.

Watch the trailer and the clip for Monster Class and please let me know in the comment section what you thought about it?