Sony Pictures releases short featurette type of trailer to it’s latest movie called “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.” It is coming to theaters on November 11th an is directed very acclaimed and gifted director Ang Lee.

If you have followed the career of Ang Lee closely you should have noticed that this director is not afraid to throw himself into subject matters that are so drastically different that if you watched any single movie and was asked to guess the director, you would never guess those movies were directed by the same person. He has tackled movies such as Life of Pi, Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon and even Incredible Hulk. He is completely changing gears once again, this time focusing on the life of a young guy who decides to risk his life in the front line for keeping his country safe, but ends up in a situation where things really go down and become life threatening. There he realizes what it feels like to really risk your life and he will have to learn his lesson the hardest way possible.

Ang Lee is the guy to tackle this kind of subject matter, because from his standpoint it will seem very genuine and honest. When I see a white American director making a movie about war it feels more like a patriotic act from his or her side. It is more like a responsibility from his side to portray its country’s soldiers from the good side and a heroic side. And even if they don’t mean to sugarcoat things, they will still turn out a little that way because sometimes being an inside person you don’t notice so many different aspects of war. Ang Lee is a visionary person and a very curious person. He wants to see other ways of life and explore circumstances that he personally will not appear in. And I think He will do a great job at making this movie.

The trailer itself looks very emotionally gripping and visceral. The soundtrack is really beautiful and captures the emotional weight of the war and the bittersweet feeling of return to the homeland. I am all the way in with this movie and even though I personally don’t like movies about war, this one seems worthy to check out.

Watch the new featurette and comment in the section below what you thought about it?